We are responsible for:

providing continuing education for adults to upgrade the skills. continuing to develop partnerships that provide quality programs. integrating training-related resources. maximizing the function of building a community-based college. promoting life-long learning concepts and proving more learning opportunities. cultivating technicians to meet business demands. 

Serving "life-long learners" is an integral part of our mission. To make feedback to the society and offer a path of continuous study for those residents who have work daytime, The center sets up continuous education division and pre-college early academic outreach program.  We're about creating students who can view life through a wide variety of lenses and who leave here prepared to make an important and lasting impact on society. Jen-Teh College's programs include pre-college preparation, and both credit and non-credit certification programs, offering the non-traditional student a wide range of continuing education options. Whether you're looking to advance in your current position or field, or are investigating a new career, explore what our range of certificate programs can do for your future to be professional technologists.